Fission Balls

Fission Balls

In this game you have to shoot balls falling for the top of the screen
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Fission Balls is a free arcade game that will challenge your reflexes and ability to move fast. The game objective is to get a high score by shooting the balls that fall from the top of the screen. After you shoot them, they will split into two, and the idea is to go on shooting subsequent balls trying to keep at least one ball in the screen, otherwise the game will be over. The shooter is a sort of spaceship that is controlled with the keyboard left/right arrows, and to shoot you have to use the space bar. During the game, you will also have to avoid objects that can destroy the shooter. Although the idea sounds very simple, putting it into practice may turn out to be quite the opposite. The game is actually very tricky; the problem is that controlling the shooter with the keyboard is rather complicated, mainly because the space bar response is sluggish, and at moments it will simply not respond, which makes the game quite frustrating and almost impossible from the very beginning. A point in its favor is that it is free, very small in size, and the graphics are really nice.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free.
  • Nice graphics.


  • The space bar response is slow.
  • Very tricky.
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